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CardPack Core.png

Card packs in Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics are purchasable items used to obtain additional cards for your collection.

Card packs are obtained by purchasing them from the store. Individual packs can be purchased using Favor.png Favor, and bundles containing multiple card packs can be purchased using Rune.png Runes only.

  • 1 Pack: 300 Favor.png
  • 2 Pack: 150 Rune.png
  • 7 Pack: 500 Rune.png
  • 15 Pack: 1000 Rune.png
  • 40 Pack: 2500 Rune.png
  • 60 Pack: 3500 Rune.png

Currently there is two card pack types: the Core Pack and the Bonus Pack.

The Bonus Pack is a lesser variant of the Core Pack.

Core Pack[edit | edit source]

The core packs contain all cards from the Core Set.

  • Contains 5 Cards from the Core Set.
  • Every Pack opened is sure to contain at least a Rare Card or higher such as Epic and Legendary cards.

Bonus Pack[edit | edit source]

The bonus packs are only obtained from daily login (7th day reward).