Hand of the Gods SMITE Tactics Wiki

This is a How to Play Guide for Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics. Feel free to expand upon it.

Basic gameplay[]

There are several gameplay mechanics in hand of the gods, some of which are not that easy to understand. All of thems have their own specificities. There are also keywords that will trigger different effects or help you in your strategy.

Summoning stone[]

In order to achieve victory, players must destroy their opponent's Summoning Stone by reducing its life to 0. At the beginning of a match, a Summoning Stone is already in play, centered one tile away from your leader, and it has 25 lifepoints. However, by using spells or other abilities, it is possible to increase that amount. The player's Summoning Stone is blue, and the opponent's is red. A Summoning Stone has 0 attack points. Various strategies may help you protect yours, mainly with the use of friendlies and spells bearing keywords such as Protect and Guard.

Heroes's abilities[]

Moving a friendly[]


Ranged damage[]

Melee damage[]

Spell damage[]