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Ranked is the competitive matches system in Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics. In Ranked, players are able to test their skill against other players, earn MMR, and climb the ladder to the top! Players must chear account level 5 before they can join Ranked matches.

Description[edit | edit source]

Players will start off by playing 10 Qualifying Games. After the player has completed 10 Qualifying matches, they will be placed into one of six Divisions; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Masters.

Players will gain MMR with each win, and lose MMR with each loss. There are no promotion games in Hand of the Gods and a player's division will be entirely determined by their current rating.

Division Ratings
  • Bronze: 0-1275
  • Silver: 1276-1500
  • Gold: 1501-1725
  • Platinum: 1726-2100
  • Diamond: 2101-2250
  • Masters: 2251+


Once in a Ranked game both of the players' Divisions and MMR will be shown to one another right next to their player name, and will allow to quickly asses an opponent's strength.